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Responding to a Black Water Flood in Your Home: 3 Tips

10/22/2020 (Permalink)

flooding Outdoor flooding in Fuquay-Varina, NC, can cause unsanitary water to enter your home

Actions To Take After Storm Damage

When violent storms cause flooding in your Fuquay-Varina, NC, home, planning the cleanup can be daunting. The water damage may be significant, especially if outdoor floods entered any areas of your home. This type of water is usually heavily contaminated and may be dangerous for you to handle on your own. However, there are a few actions you can take as you wait for help to arrive.

1. Evacuate the Home
Contaminated floodwater is also known as black water because of the sewage and chemicals it usually contains. This type of water can cause rapid mold growth in affected areas, so you may want to move your family members to a safer location until it can be drained away. If only a few rooms are flooded, you can seal them off by shutting doors or using plywood to block them off until your flood remediation team arrives.

2. Photograph the Damage
If you can safely document any water damage with photos, these may be helpful when submitting a claim to your insurance company. Photograph building material damage, flooded appliances and ruined carpeting. If mold growth occurs soon after the flooding, document that as well. You may want to make copies of these photos for future reference, especially if you have any issues with your claim.

3. Call a Flood Damage Cleanup Service
Because of the nature of outdoor flooding, calling in a black water cleanup service can help ensure that any standing water is drained away and disposed of properly. While most porous items may not be salvageable, the cleanup technicians can advise you about how to rescue important documents, electronics and other belongings affected by the water.
Outdoor flooding in Fuquay-Varina, NC, can cause unsanitary water to enter your home and leave you with questions about cleanup options. Keeping a few tips in mind about black water damage can give you peace of mind in the aftermath of local floods.

Plan Now To Ensure Your Business Can Survive Flooding

8/31/2020 (Permalink)

Floodwaters surrounding building Flooded buildings in Middle Creek, NC

Meteorologists are getting better at predicting floods, but erratic weather patterns continue to challenge their accuracy. From coastal areas prone to hurricanes to desert terrain threatened by flash floods, few areas are safe from the risk of flooding.
If your business in Middle Creek, NC, suffers flood damage, ensure the cleanup is done properly by hiring a professional storm remediation service. The steps you take now to plan ahead are essential, because being able to act quickly in the event of a flood can minimize damage and get you back in business faster.

Ensure Access to Documentation

Key to business recovery is making sure you can still access your business's crucial data:

  • Schedule frequent backups of all business documentation and data to a secure location, such as secure cloud storage.
  • Store paper documents in a watertight container or on an upper level, and securely store digital copies of them as well.
  • Make sure you have regularly updated contact information for your employees, and inform them about how you will communicate in the event of flooding or storm damage.

Evaluate Your Risk and Insurance Coverage
You probably know whether your business is in a flood zone, but it’s a good idea to check FEMA flood maps for an accurate picture of the overall risk in your geographic area.
Evaluate whether your commercial property can stand up to threats posed by storms. Are doors and windows properly sealed? Should you relocate electrical components or essential equipment to a higher level? Are backup generators present?
Most commercial insurance policies don’t cover flood damage, so study the provisions of your policy carefully. Consider whether you also need to purchase commercial flood insurance and, if so, be sure you thoroughly understand its coverage as well.
Do what you can now by planning ahead to ensure business continuity. Then, if flooding occurs in the future, hire a professional storm remediation service to return your business to its original condition safely, quickly and consistent with national commercial restoration standards.