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subfloors exposed and wet due to a broken pipe.

When a pipe breaks, the damage can be quite massive

When this Apex homeowner returned home from a weekend away, they were greeted with water damage.

A pipe had cracked and leaked water throughout their home. When we arrived to provide water damage cleanup, we were prepared for a full demo due to the water sitting dormant for quite a period of time. Luckily the only damage present was water and not mold.

water damaged flooring with air movers set up to dry the affected area

When water invades, call our team for help

Our crews are ready to respond to your call anytime, day or night.

When this Garner homeowner had a pipe leak, we were there to help. We extracted the water and placed the drying equipment to ensure the area dried properly.

Firefighter in full gear standing in front of fire damaged home

Fires are devastating and damaging

If your house falls victim to a fire, making sure you know who can help.

We have fire restoration experts who are highly trained and fully prepared to respond to any loss 24/7/365. Our team will be there to help you get your fire damaged home restored to preloss condition.

mold growing in a clear dish being help by a hand in a white glove

Water damage can quickly cause other damages

Water is damaging all on its own, however if it is not properly mitigated, the secondary damage can be more costly to restore.

Mold only needs a small amount of moisture and the right temperatures to grow and multiply. Once it has formed, the remediation process requires a team of trained professionals. Our team is ready for your call!

Rushing waters from heavy rains flooding local areas

Storms can damage your home

As storms threaten to damage your home or business, it is important to be ready for the damage they can leave behind.

When high winds and rising waters cause damage to our local Raleigh communities, we are here to restore the homes and businesses affected. We are always here to help!

Hot water heater connections

Hot water heaters and their connections tend to fail

Over time hot water heaters whether commercial or residential need maintenance.

This commercial property suffered water damage when the connections to the hot water heater cracked. This allowed water to flow throughout the first floor of the facility.

Man working in a bathroom to find the water damage

What type of water has damaged your home?

Our team of dedicated restoration experts are highly trained for any type of water damage.

When water damages your home, it is important to know where the water came from. This will help or team determine the best course of mitigation action to take. 

SERVPRO employees dressed in full PPE and sanitizing a place of business in Raleigh with fogging techniques

We are working hard to provide a higher standard of clean in Raleigh

SERVPRO of Southwest Raleigh/Holly Springs is able to provide regular sanitization cleanings for your business.

Our team is working hard to make sure this local Raleigh business is clean and sanitized adding an extra step or precautionary safety for their employees!